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Dryer Repair

When clothes are still damp after a full dryer cycle, call our specialists. Where there is dryer trouble, there is also a dryer repair Oakville technician from our company fixing the problem. Get in touch with us to isolate the issue with your home dryer! We are equipped to replace dryer parts, fix comb washer & dryer units, diagnose problems, install dryers, and maintain the existing appliance. Rely on Appliance Repair Oakville for any service related to your home dryer and have peace of mind that the job will be performed rapidly and will exceed your expectations.

Why dryer services are essential

All dryers consume a lot of energy. But when there is a problem with them, they consume even more energy. And that reason alone is enough dryer repairto call us for dryer repair services in Oakville. In order to dry clothing, these appliances heat up air coming from the vents. But clothing leaves behind lint, which will eventually clog the vents and thus obstruct air flow. Hot air will be trapped inside the appliance compromising your safety. For the avoidance of fires, our company recommends annual dryer service. With preventive service, trouble of all sorts is avoided. We have the equipment and skills to inspect all dryer parts and remove lint.

Fast response dryer repair service

However, we can fix any sudden problem with your top load dryer. Call us if you notice anything out of the ordinary or the appliance doesn’t work right.

  • Is the dryer hotter than usually?
  • Does it fail to dry clothing?
  • Did the cycle finish earlier than normally?
  • Do clothes smell bad?

We provide same day:

  • Dryer repair in Oakville, Ontario
  • Replacement of all dryer worn parts
  • Front load washer and dryer repair service – in the event you have an all-in-one unit
  • Dryer troubleshooting & diagnosis

We specialize in dryer installation

Don’t underestimate how crucial correct dryer installation is. Call us to install your new dryer no matter which model and brand you get. There are several safety regulations to follow to ensure correct installation and safe operation. Our techs are familiar with such standards, install all dryers by the book, and will do the service at your convenience.

Get in touch with us should your dryer malfunctions or you want to service your comb unit. With the right front load washer cleaner, our techs take care of your laundry machine to make sure your clothes are washed well. With expertise in dryers, we also make sure clothing is dried well. Call us for any Oakville dryer repair service.

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