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Appliances Repair Oakville believes in old fashioned customer service with a smile. We believe in honesty and integrity. Our goal is to make certain our business customers in the Oakville, Toronto community receive the most cost effective commercial appliance service possible. We know how important these heavy duty units are to a business establishment. Our experts want to extend the helping hand in their time of need.Commercial Appliances
Some of our biggest business customers are restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores. These locations depend on their refrigerators and freezers to keep food products at a safe temperature. It is imperative that food products be kept outside the danger zone. The commonly accepted danger zone is 40-140 degrees. Food not cooled below 40 or cooked above 140 will be open to bacteria growth which can cause serious illness or even death. Our appliance service technician will get your commercial kitchen appliances running smoothly in no time.
If you are operating a business that depends on commercial appliances to operate effectively you can call Oakville Appliances Repair for commercial appliance repair you can count on. Our experts understand that your business cannot afford appliances to be out of commission for long. Time is money and we will work urgently to make the cost effective resolution your appliance requires. Our specialists carry the right tools and replacement parts to speed up the repair process. We are always prepared to do the job right the first time.
We can provide oven repair, freezer repair and refrigerator repair as well. We work on stoves and a variety of refrigeration units. It seems like a commercial appliance always gives out in the middle of a meal period or when the business is at its busiest. If you have commercial appliances in Oakville that need prompt and effective repair get in touch with our team today.

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